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The Original Silverstein Slash Community

Canadians Need Slashy Love Too!

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::> No spamming. Please stay on topic. If you'd like to advertise here it must be for a slash, Silverstein, or slash RP community.
::> Post all fics and images under a cut.
::> BE NICE to other members.
::> When writing a fic, please use a beta or a writing program that checks for spelling and grammatical errors.
::> All fics and fanart must have at least one member of Silverstein in the pairing. Crossovers are okay.
::> Write the appropriate information about the fic/fanart outside of the LJ-cut.

Required Info Outside of LJ-cut
::> Title:
::> Author: (Please use an LJ-tag)
::> Rating:
::> Pairing: (If it is a crossover, please use "Fandom:" and "Pairing:")
::> Disclaimer:
::> Summary/Warnings: (This is optional)
::> Dedications: (This is also optional)
You MUST have these things (unless stated otherwise) to post a fanfic or fanart

Terms used in Slashfic
Slash: A type of fic involving physical or emotional relations between two men. Also refered to as m/m.
Alternate terms can be found here.

Quality betas can be found at beta_search.