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When Being Invisible Only Makes You More Opaque {Chapter 2}

{Title} When Being Invisible Only Makes You More Opaque
{Author} Me! littleslashie
{Rating} PG-13
{Pairing} Paul and Shane
{Disclaimer} I don't own Silverstein or anything else used in this story, Pure fiction.
{Summary and or Warnings} You never realize how much you'll miss someone until they're gone.
{Notes} Each chapter will be relatively short, but bear with me because I have school full time, but I will try to post as much as I can. Comments are greatly welcome! Thanks!
xoxo, Elizabeth


Chapter 1


"Billy! Neil! Josh! Call an ambulance!" I pant, out of breath from the walk home.

"" The petite man in my arms struggles to whisper, barely audible still.

"Shhh..shhhh, who's Tom?"

"The ho....home...less"

"He did all this to you didn't he? This Tom?" I feel his head nod against my chest, met by hurried footsteps running down the steps.

"They're on their way and holy shit! Paul! What happened?" He gasps clamping his hand with Paul's.

"Don't...t.t.touch me" Paul growls. Billy returned his hand taken aback.

"I'm....sor...I c....I can't" Billy nods in understanding and sits in a reclining chair to wait for the ambulance to arrive as I lay Paul onto the couch, my arms weak from his weight, little as it is.


The uncomfortable couch fabric begin to rub against my skin, but it is only a matter of time before they lift me onto a hard stretcher.

"" He climbs behind me into the vehicle as it speeds away. After being thoroughly violated for the purpose of DNA testing, thy alert me in may take days for the samples to be verified, checked and to find a match, if I was lucky. This was especially terrible because those days had to be waited out in a lonely hospital bed. The guys visits were pretty frequent though.....

"Paul! I got you a card!" Josh say smiling and hands me an obviously homemade card with a picture of the band after touring engaged in one large group hug. Writing reads "Get Better Soon Because a) No Band Is Good Without A Drummer and b) No Josh Is Good Without His Friend"

"Aww, thanks Josh" I say, a smile weaning it's way onto my face. Josh, Neil and Billy mutter their good byes and exit the room leaving Shane and alone. Shane sits on the area of the bed unoccupied by my body and brushes the loose hairs that cover my face back behind my ears. Subconsciously I attempt to wiggle my fingers and fail, finding them to be bound rather tightly.


"They had to be bandaged so they couldn't rub together and cause unnecessary friction and damage them further. They almost had to...cut them off, but this became an alternative and.....that's about it" He finishes with tears becoming evident in his eyes.

"What's wrong?" He takes a minute to compose himself before replying.

"I hate seeing you so weak while I stay strong and I know I need to be strong enough for the both of us" He sobs and rests his head on my pillow next to me.

"Don't worry, I know it may be hard, but if anyone can you do it, that person's you Shane"

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