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When Being Invisible Only Makes You More Opaque {Chapter 1}

{Title} When Being Invisible Only Makes You More Opaque
{Author} Me! littleslashie
{Rating} PG-13
{Pairing} Paul and Shane (eventually)
{Disclaimer} I don't own Silverstein or anything else used in this story, Pure fiction.
{Summary and or Warnings} You never realize how much you'll miss someone until they're gone.
{Dedications} The mod staff because I've been looking for a Silverstein slash community for weeks, and now there is one! *Yay*


"Paul's been gone for ages, where do you think he is?"

"It's not normal for him to be gone this long, he's never been gone this long...."

"It's the middle of winter, it's so cold out...."

"I can't take it anymore!" I yell at my band mates, staring out the window watching snow fall and worrying about
the location of out missing drummer. Their faces turn to me, worry glistening in their eyes.
"I'm going to find him."

"Be careful Shane, the cold." Billy warns me.

I nod and exit the building, followed by the two guitarists. Everyone turning a different direction, we all split up to find him.

"Paul? Paul!" I yell, eyes frantically searching for his tall, gaunt frame. After a long thirty minutes trudging through the snow, and no such luck finding Paul. I shove my head into my hands. "Fuck!" I scream. I fall onto the cold cement ground pounding my hand onto hard ground before rising from the ground and turning back towards home.

"Please........don'" A soft whisper begs.

"Paul" I pivot to see his shaking figure, cold, bruised, beaten and battered.
"Jesus Paul, what happened?"


"What? Money? ID?" I guess haphazardly.

"No S..S...Shane, my....virginity...I didn't wanna give it up, but he took it." The amount of strength it took his to convey this sentence send him falling back into my arms.

"Who took it Paul?"

"I...don't...know." He musters.

"I'm going to take you home, you can tell me more when you are ready, I'm going to take you to the hospital once we get home and tell the guys I found you....ok?" He nods. I cup his cheek and place a kiss on his sweaty, cold hair, lifting his light body off the ground, placing my trench coat over him at the same time.
"We've all been so worried about you Paul" I say hugging him.

"You saved me Shane"

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