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When Being Invisible Only Makes You More Opaque {Introduction}

{Title} When Being Invisible Only Makes You More Opaque
{Author} Me! littleslashie
{Rating} Pg for this chapter
{Pairing} Paul and Shane (eventually)
{Disclaimer} I don't own Silverstein or anything else used in this story, Pure fiction.
{Summary and or Warnings} You never realize how much you'll miss someone until they're gone.
{Dedications} The mod staff because I've been looking for a Silverstein slash community for weeks, and now there is one! *Yay*

"What 'cha gonna do? Who 'ya gonna tell?" The unfamiliar man growled angrily clutching a jagged, metal shard to the young man's throat.

"Please....just...let me...go" One such Paul Koehler managed to get out.
"You've already hurt me so much, please just let me go!" He cried, tears gingerly sliding down his cheeks.

"You tell anyone, anything..." The man finished with a slicing noise and drew an invisible line across his throat. Paul swallowed every drop of saliva that had begun to pool in his mouth.
"Although...just for good measure" The man dropped the metal and smacked Paul hard in the face sending him falling unconscious to the floor.

Naked, bruised, bleeding, stripped of his dignity, not to mention his virginity, Paul Koehler was on the brink of death, when like a heavenly angel, Shane Told appeared.

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